About Us


Welcome to Focused Fitness! By visiting our website you have taken the first step towards changing your life for the better, both physically and mentally. Here at Focused Fitness we believe that the key to your success and your fitness goal is ‘strength of mind’. We offer a varied training programme for all levels of fitness; from beginners who have never trained before to experienced fitness enthusiasts, our training is designed to meet your individual aspirations. Whatever your level you are sure to get the results you desire, build confidence, and begin to change your lifestyle.

We have trained and experienced instructors with both military and civilian backgrounds, all looking to help you improve your fitness. Choose from any of the fitness sessions we offer during the week in Rosyth, train when it suits you to fit around work and family commitments.

Come and join us for your free introductory beginners session, meet like-minded people, and start your fitness journey.